For Children

Four Children in Cardboard Box

Laurel has been entertaining audiences of children for over 20 years supporting them in many areas. Her current focus is on helping them understand how mindfulness and meditation can be easily incorporated into daily life as tools to alleviate worry and anxiety.

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Session Topics

Meditating Munchkins (Ages 3 – 6) 

Meditating Munchkins™ introduces Children to the world of Meditation in a gentle, loving and welcoming manner. Meditating Munchkins not only teaches Children the fundamentals of meditation but when and where to use it both at home and in school. 

Magnificent Mindfulness (Ages 7- 10) 

There has been a ton of media buzz around Mindfulness and Mindful living but what does living mindfully mean? Laurel, a student of mindful living uses mindfulness to help her in many areas of her own life and has been teaching these techniques to children in her coaching practice. In this to mindfulness, Laurel will define what living mindfully means to support both home and school life for children.

LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off ( Ages 11+) 

SO many of us are struggling during these times of being over-programmed, over extended, and overwhelmed leading to feelings of Anxiety. After years of struggling personally with Anxiety Laurel Crossley learned how to overcome her worries and fears and has helped hundreds of Kids and Parents to overcome theirs! She demonstrates simple and hilarious techniques on how to manage anxieties simply and effectively!