For Parents

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Whether you need a wellness workshop, a lunch and learn or motivational session for your group or organization, Opti-Mom can customize a unique session that supports your needs!

Session Topics

LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off – For Parents

Parents learn how to acknowledge and support their children’s worries, fears and anxieties in a loving, gentle and of course, hilarious way.

Putting OM in your Home

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation in your home by creating space to do so – disengage family members from technology to reconnect “IRL” and create OM Zones for family decompression 

What, Parent’s Have Needs??!! – Making You Your Number One Priority

Learn how to put your needs ahead of family to take care of YOU and not everyone else for a change! 

But It Doesn’t Feel Right! – Parent Intuition

Learn to better listen to your inner guidance rather than external influences to make decisions that are right for you!

Who The Heck Am I? – Self-Identity Discovery

Struggling with who you are, forgotten who you are, feeling like you need to rediscover you? This workshop will help you discover your current needs, interests, skills, talents and abilities.

Who The Heck Are You? – Reconnecting With Your Life Partner

No longer recognize your spouse or partner? Feeling like two ships passing in the night? Forgotten what it was like to date? Spend time connecting and reconnecting to what brought you together.

Should I Have Done That? – Learning to Deal With Parent Guilt

Parent guilt is real whether self-imposed or real! Learn to differentiate between the two, learn how to better support yourself so you stop wasting time and energy on feeling guilty!

When Did I Become a Juggler? – Self, Life, Family, And Work Balance 

Define your Balanced Self mind, body and spirit and learn to say no!

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