Our 2016 – 2017 “OMStructors”

Our OMStructors (aka Meditating Munchkins Teachers) are some of the most amazing educators we’ve recruited and entrust to work with your children! Each brings a unique set of skills to our online programming that includes a background in teaching paired with the ability to inspire and motivate learning.



Kirstie Smallman

Kirstie can usually be found dancing and laughing her way through life. She is a Certified Montessori Teacher and Nia practitioner. Kirstie brings a lightness, playful curiosity and amazing energy to the work she does with the Opti-Mom online programming. Kirstie loves to spend lots of time giggling with her friends and feline babies.

Kirstie’s philosophy of supporting Children is:

“Listen to the children and follow their lead. They often know what they need if we pay attention to what they tell us through their words and actions.”



Alannah Image

Alannah Byers

Alannah is a self-professed Nerd Girl that is currently on the hunt for as many Pokemon’s as she can find. She ADORES kitties and kids and is often found surrounded by them. Alannah loves helping kids learn amazing things ESPECIALLY those that struggle with worries or anxieties – something that she struggled with growing up.

Alannah’s philosophy of supporting Children is:  

“By treating each individual child with respect (listening to their ideas and paying attention to their needs), this allows trusting bonds to form as we mentor and support them along life’s path.