The OM School

Welcome to The OM School – one of the first of it’s kind, using an immersive classroom that is voice and video activated. Kids and Parents are “in love” with this platform just as much as we are!!

The OM School Advantage

  • Small class sizes (maximum of 10) which allows for LOTS of dialogue and discussion for our students
  • All online to alleviate the stress and anxiety of meeting new people
  •  Less distracting and easier to focus
  • Unique programming – our KID-ucators are advising us of the programming THEY want to see
  • Amazing OMStructors – we bring some of the BEST people to offer workshops and classes and many are certified teachers or experts in their field
  • Access to Kids from all around the world – we LOVE the fact that we are truly building an international community of kids participating in our programs
  • Technology, technology, technology – our Kids LOVE that this is a platform that they describe as “techy”!