Coaching Testimonials

Kiddo Love

“Laurel is great! She helped me sleep better. She told me how to relax and calm down. NOW I feel better! I don’t hit trees any more!”

GB (7)

“Before Laurel gave me advice on how to sleep properly, I felt very exhausted and sleepy everyday I had to go to school.  After Laurel gave me advice, I felt well-rested and not sleepy anymore.  I think Laurel’s advice is really good because she finds out what your problem is and finds a solution for you.  I had to work hard on my homework from Laurel for the first couple of weeks, and then I was able to just fall asleep without thinking of it.  Before I used to wake up all the time and call in my Mommy and Daddy, but after Laurel’s advice, sleeping was much easier.”

AV (8)

“Her voice is soft and sparkly.”

LT (4)

“Thanks for helping me when I needed it the most Laurel!”

NH (11)

Parent Love

“I have been meaning to connect with you for awhile now! Wanted to let you know that M is doing FABULOUS!!! She is having an amazing year at school! She LOVES her teacher!! She is doing things this year that would have been crippling last year, like saying a prayer at a school mass in front of the entire school!!!!! We are doing meditation (together) most nights and mornings. And she uses her salt lamp every night. NO crying!! THANK YOU for pointing her in the right direction!!”
“I was at the end of the rope when I talked to Laurel. My three and a half year old daughter was fighting bedtime each night, taking hours to fall asleep and screaming hysterically when we left her alone in a room. With a baby in the house, we were beyond exhausted but had no idea what to do. Talking to Laurel was such a relief. She first let me know that I wasn’t alone, even though that’s how it often feels. She understood what our problems were and she offered a fresh perspective. We followed her suggestions and I’m thankful to say that the screaming episodes have stopped and bedtime is easier to deal with now. Just talking to Laurel took away so much of the stress that had built up. She helped me to appreciate my daughter’s unique gifts, and I’m SO grateful for her help.”

Laurel is AMAZING! Before meeting Laurel, I had resolved myself to the idea that my child was a night-waker.  She is not a child who eventually grew out of it, and I had accepted sleep deprivation as a way of life.  I was waking sometimes 3 or 4 times a night, to attend to my daughter, who just couldn’t seem to stay sleeping.  It wore on my family.  Giving Laurel and my daughter the opportunity to connect was the best decision I have ever made.  Laurel was kind and thoughtful, and listened to my daughter; she is truly gifted in the art of children.  The techniques that she armed my daughter with allowed her to find the peace that she needed in order for her to sleep through the night.  I will forever be grateful to Laurel for the gift she has given to my daughter and in turn, my whole family.”


“Can’t say enough about Laurel! Laurel knew EXACTLY what the issues were and was able to communicate effectively and respectfully at his level and immediately proceeded to tailor an individual plan to suit our son’s needs…it worked the first try! Laurel knows just how to put the kids at ease when chatting with them and it’s comforting for them to know that she is always readily and easily available.  Keep up the amazing work you do in helping each child realize that the sky’s the limit!!!”