Laurel has ALWAYS had a passion for working with and supporting Children. She received her B. A. in Child Studies from Brock University, has her Adult Teaching Certificate from Sheridan College.

“Auntie” Laurel works with Kids ages 3 – 21 on all sorts of things including:

  • Excessive worry/Anxiety/Anxious Feelings or Thoughts
  • Those with “Busy Brain Syndrome” – can’t shut their brains off/have difficulty focusing/falling asleep or those experiencing periods of wakefulness
  • School Situations – bullies/bullying, lack of focus, worries related to school
  • Feelings of disconnection from the “outside” world

The Process

Laurel believes in empowering Children first and foremost. She works one on one with the individual Child (via FaceTime or Skype) in the comfort of their home. Together, they establish a plan to best support the Child’s needs in accordance to what that child expresses. Progress can be experienced in as little as 1 – 3 sessions! Practical, non-invasive (i.e. meditation/visualization) and simple solutions are introduced to every Child based on their specific needs to help calm and support.

A series of 4-weekly (initial sessions) and 4 – 6 monthly (follow-up sessions) half hour sessions are booked to ensure that each Child feels continually supported.

The Cost

Sessions for Children are $75 for a half hour payable through credit card or an e-mail money transfer payable upon booking.


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