How To Decide If Tutoring Is Right For Your Child by Cathy Thompson


As a parent we want the best for our children to help them succeed. Parents often come to me to brainstorm whether hiring a tutor for their child is the right solution. Each child is so unique in their needs and how they learn, so one solution doesn’t fit all.

There are several questions parents can ask themselves when thinking about hiring a tutor:

  • What is my child saying they need – start there. Ask them directly “What do you need right now to support you in school” often children can articulate whether they need extra help overall or with a particular subject
  • Is working with my child on their homework and assignments a positive experience for both us? 81% of parents feel that homework adds to their household stress
  • Are teachers suggesting my child can benefit from a little more repetition of school work or extra help before or after school?
  • Does my child seem to lack confidence overall with school and exhibit anxiety or frustration?

Use these as guiding questions to find out if a tutor is right for your child.


  • Alleviate the stress that come sometimes come from homework battles between children and their well-meaning parents
  • Are fun and passionate about teaching – they can connect with your child to boost their confidence with all school related work
  • Work one on one with children to make sure their individual needs and learning styles are addressed and included into the sessions
  • Are teachers – they know the curriculum, expectations and resources that are grade appropriate

If you would like to explore more about tutoring, do your research. Make sure the offering of the organization (customized learning vs. program/one on one vs. group/in-home vs. centre) fits your child’s and family’s needs. Above all else, we want learning to be a fun and positive experience for kids.


Written by: Cathy Thompson, Founder of Beyond the Classroom