“When EVERYTHING Happens At Once”

The past two weeks have been especially challenging in our home. Actually things have been a bit crazy since October personally and professionally. You never know what life is going to hurl/chuck/fling at you. I’m a pretty good “go with the flow” kind of person but this week has certainly gotten the better of me. Coincidently, one of my colleagues has been going through a similar situation. As I sat having coffee with my colleague yesterday, I asked her how in the h-e-double hockey sticks she was not losing her poo. She said quite matter of fact, “I stay only in the present and focus on the moment”. “For example”, she went on, “I am completely focused on you and I sitting her chatting over a glass of water”.

Later that day, with her heads resonating in my mind, I was working with a young, brilliant, beautiful client of mine. She and I had previous discussions about living in the moment and staying present (she’s 10). I showed her how to focus on an object and really pay attention to that object allowing her super bright, super busy brain to stop and be present in that moment of our conversation. She was SO excited to try it at school today and I will be getting a full report next week so stay posted!

So, when everything appears to be happening at once and you find yourself losing your mind, here are a few suggestions from my brain to yours.

1. Get lost! I mean get away from the situation – drive, run, walk whatever to get away from that which is happening around you.
2. Do something that best supports you! I went for a walk in the woods to visit one of my favourite places just to breathe.
3. Hang out with happy, supportive people that want to hang out simply because you are you.
4. Play! Play games, climb trees, read, do whatever makes you happy.
5. Stay healthy – exercise and eat right.

Remember that kids get overwhelmed too and it’s important for them to take time out too