Meet Opti-Mom!


Laurel's new headshotWe are SO glad you’ve come to visit us! Our Founder, Laurel Crossley has been working with Children since she began babysitting at the age of 11 (a long, LONG time ago). She has worked in the fields of Education and Recreation developing and creating programming and events focusing on Children. Laurel’s mission in life is to empower Children, mind, body and spirit. Her philosophy is:

“Every Child Deserves to Sparkle”

Here are some “Sparkly Snippets”/interesting facts about Laurel! 
  • Her very first word was “Baby” – she is CRAZY about Babies today!
  • Between the ages of 2 and 4 she carried on conversations with her 2 soldier spirit, ghost friends named John and Will – she works with Kids who’ve had/have similar experiences
  • When she was 5 years old she had a blackboard set up in her bedroom and came home every night to teach her dolls and stuffed animals (they were GREAT students and VERY quiet) what she learned in school – she STILL loves Teaching and runs LOTS of workshops and classes for Adults
  • The WHOLE time she was in public school, she was too shy to talk in class until she was in grade 10 – she works with Kids to help them become less shy and more confident like she did!
  • When she was 9 she was bullied by people she thought were her friends – she walked away never to be bothered again – she shows Kids some ways to help with this
  • When she was in grade 5, she stepped onto a stage by herself and did her first performance and funny enough she didn’t once feel shy, nervous or scared – she LOVED it!! – she still LOVES performing on a stage and does LOTS of presentations!
  • She volunteered for an entire summer at a local preschool as a Teacher’s Assistant (where kids pooped and drooled on her – the little ones that is) – now she likes to volunteer to hold Babies and they still poop and often fall asleep on her!
  • She worked as a Camp Counsellor with the City of Burlington and knows TONS of Camp Songs (just ask her) – she STILL knows a LOT of Camp Songs!!
  • Auntie Laurel has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies from Brock University (did you know you can study Kids??) – she is looking to go BACK to University to do her Masters of Education
  • She is SO passionate about working with Kids that she gets extremely “cranky” if she doesn’t get to do so at least 5 times per week (just ask her Kids) – yep!!
  • Kids tell her “everything” which is kind of cool
  • She is VERY interested in discovering whether faeries are real – she does Faerie Forest walks with some of her wee Friends to locate evidence!
  • She has 2 Kiddos that are teenagers who are both really funny
  • Auntie Laurel works with Kids that have troubles getting to sleep or staying asleep, anxious Kids (yep, she was one of those), and Kids that feel like “they don’t fit”
  • Oh, and she calls EVERYONE Muffin-Cakes, Kitten or Darling
Meet Jasmine Laurel’s Office Assistant!

Here are some images of Jasmine at “work”. She is REALLY funny and cute BUT she’d rather play than work. See what we mean?!?! p.s. she REALLY wants to be called Queen Jasmine

Jasmine Curtains

 Here she is playing with a fly in the curtains!



Here she is demanding lunch … at 9 a.m.!!